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How to make a true crime podcast, according to the pros

Mystery, suspense and jaw-dropping plot twists – it’s no wonder true crime is one of the most popular genres of podcast. And yet, it is arguably the most difficult to make.

It involves hefty legal obstacles, tough editorial decisions and, most importantly, complex ethical and moral calls. After all, you’re not just messing around here: you’re dealing with real lives and, often, raw traumas.

Nowadays any of us can start our own podcast, but to take on a true crime story and make it both a meani

Why this film about the world’s first gay rugby club is for all of us

Mention rugby and most of us will think of a mud-flecked pageant of primal masculinity.

It’s all tree trunk thighs thundering down rain-soaked pitches and shoulder-bashing scrums followed by roars of triumph or rage.

But, for some of us, it’s much more than that: it’s community; it’s a sense of purpose; it’s the difference between life and death.

Steelers, available on Amazon Prime Video from April 16, tells the story of the world’s first gay rugby team.

And yet, it’s so much more than a 75-

Meet the comedian whose homemade videos have made him a Twitter star

Michael Spicer, 42 – better known as “the room next door” guy – has earnt worldwide acclaim for his two-minute skits in which he plays a fictional adviser desperately trying to stop the world’s most powerful leaders from committing excruciating blunders.

When a high profile figure makes a hash of an interview or hurtles along with some eyebrow-raising address, Mr Spicer imagines he’s off-camera with an ear-piece, telling them what to say.

But, be it Priti Patel, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew or

Why this model thinks it's time to educate society about asexuality

An estimated one per cent of the world’s population identifies as asexual – also known as “ace” – according to sexuality research, but the number is likely to be much higher owing to the limitations of available data.

Yet the general public’s understanding of asexuality tends to be vague at best and at worst aggressively ignorant, with a growing number of social media groups dedicated to harassing the ace community.

Asexual activist and model Yasmin Benoit told the Standard that it's time the

London’s first DIY Coffin Club set to open

Coffin Club North London will open in Tottenham in September, offering coffin design workshops and talks on how to avoid sombre funerals and make them colourful celebrations of life instead.

The idea for the “funeral revolution” was born in New Zealand in 2010 by former palliative care nurse Katie Williams.

She felt the people's happiness in life was not reflected in their funerals, so started up the Kiwi Coffin Club in her garage, inviting people for morning tea, lunch and coffin building ses

Londoners who grew up in care tell how theatre company 'saved' them

The group, aged between 18 and 25, are part of The Big House – a north London-based charity which uses drama to engage with at risk young people who have been through the care system, known as care leavers.

The young actors are currently starring in the theatre’s latest work, ‘Bullet Tongue Reloaded’, a hard-hitting play about county lines drug dealing and teenagers fighting for “the simple right to be heard”.

The play explores London’s gang culture through a group of teenagers, battling to su

Why it's crucial men talk about cervical cancer

The dimming fog of time and trauma has consumed many of his memories of her, but he knows she left an extraordinary legacy, and he knows what it’s like to grow up without a mum.

Jo Maxwell, Ali’s mother, gave her final months and name to fighting cervical cancer. She and her husband James set up her eponymous charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust in 1999 to support people suffering from what was then a lesser-known illness. Jo’s Trust is now a major British charity and the only one of its kind in

A modern old fashioned morality tale, with catwalk pizzazz and hashtags

It’s the Christmas holidays and you’re at the theatre watching a reimagined fairy tale. There are songs, garish costumes, audience interaction and innuendo – but this is not a pantomime.

Where are you?

At the Southbank Centre watching Rumpelstiltskin with a South Australian twist.

Windmill Theatre Co and State Theatre Company South Australia have travelled from Adelaide to share their loud, proud and hyper-modern take on the Brothers Grimm classic.

This adaptation sees the gold-spinning gobl

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